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Neville is standing next to a fireplace, speaking to a group nearby. Thrilled to find him there, I am eager to show him the book of his lectures I had just published and question him regarding the change of words. But as I turn to take the case I am carrying into my office, get the book and return, he glances up and catches my eye. Instantly changing my mind, I turn and go directly into the restaurant to join him. But when I arrive, I discover that he has vanished, leaving the ladies to tell me that he is gone and will never return again.

Heartsick, I return to the lobby with its hard, tile floor when, suddenly the case I had been carrying fell from its handle. The moment it hit the floor, the case opened, my book fell out and lay open at its center seam. As I looked down in horror, I saw that I had been carrying a brief ease which contained a tape recorder that had turned on due to the fall, and Neville's voice was ringing out loud and clear.

Embarrassed, I stooped down to turn off the volume, only to discover that all the knobs had fallen off the machine and there was no way for me to turn him off. As I tried to push the case over to the far wall in order to pick it up, I awoke with these words ringing in my ears, "I am IN you, AS you.

These are Neville's words - Neville's thoughts - yet we are so closely woven in the tapestry of thought that the words are now mine. The lectures you will read are Neville's words. Yet they may not have been the exact words he spoke back in The material I had to work with were notes someone had taken in shorthand, transcribed, and duplicated.

I have taken the notes and elaborated on them. The words are true and, hopefully understandable enough so you can test them and discover for yourself that when the truth is applied, it is made alive by a spiritual experience. Man is the external world, the natural man; while imagination is the internal world, the man of spirit.

God imagination became the natural man that the man of nature may become God who is Spirit. Always think of yourself as two beings, one who sees through the organs of sense and the other who sees through the mind of imagination. And always remember God's name as he revealed it to Moses. That is who I AM. And by this name, I shall be known throughout all generations. And I in creative expression AM the Son, for imagination is born of consciousness.

Humanity, understood psychologically, is an infinite series of levels of awareness and you, individually, are what you are according to where you are in the series. Consciousness is the only reality, and where you are conscious of being psychologically, determines the circumstances of your life.

The ancients knew this great truth, but our modern teachers have yet to discover it. There is only one substance in the world.

Our scientists call it energy while scripture defines it as consciousness. We are told that the universe was caused by water, but if this is true, then it could not evolve into anything but water. But if the basic substance is energy or consciousness , it can be made to manifest itself as iron, steel and wood, to name but a few. Man, seeing a variety of forms, thinks of numberless substances, but what is seen is only a change in the arrangement of the same basic substance — consciousness.

Ephesians tells us that, "All things, when admitted, are made manifest by light. The poor man admits to being in the state of poverty by saying, "I am poor," just as the rich man admits wealth by saying, "I am rich. There is only one cause, and that is consciousness. Your consciousness is the center from which your world mirrors and echoes the state you presently occupy. Now, a state can be defined as all that you believe and consent to as being true.

So, if you want your world to change, you must determine what you want to accept and consent to as true before you can change it. To arrive at a certain definition of self, you must begin by uncritically observing your automatic reaction to an event, for your reaction defines your state.

And you can, without getting out of your chair, rebuild your world by changing your level or state of being. This is done by observing yourself uncritically as you react to life. If you do not like the circumstances of your life, acknowledge its cause. Be willing to admit that the circumstances are only objectifying what you are conscious of, then change your consciousness and your world will change.


If you react to that which is being objectified, you bind yourself to a certain, level of awareness, but if you refuse to react, the thread is broken.

Stop being conscious of something unlovely, for every unlovely thought causes you to walk in psychological mud. Rather, identify yourself with beauty, with love the Christ in you and you will ascend the infinite level of your own being and change the circumstances of your life. Your state of awareness, like a magnet, attracts life. Steel, in its demagnetized state is a whirling mass of electrons, but when the electrons are faced in one direction, the steel is magnetized.

You do not add to the steel to make it magnetic or take anything away to demagnetize it. This same principle is true for you.

You can change your world by rearranging your thoughts and having them travel only in one direction, and that is toward the fulfillment of your desire.

Watch your reactions to life, for any change in the arrangement of your mind which can be detected by self- observation, will cause a change in your outer world. It is important to learn to be passive to that which is unlovely and unacceptable to you. In that way, you are awakening the dynamic one within. And when you find your inner being, you will discover that the qualities you condemn in others are really in yourself.

Then you will know the secret of forgiveness, for as you forgive yourself, the others are forgiven. All things not just a few are made manifest by the light, and everything manifested is light. The moment you consent to a thought, it is made manifest. It could not come into being unless you consented to its expression by being aware of it. The universe moves with motiveless necessity as it has no motive of its own.

Rather, it moves under the necessity of manifesting the arrangements of the minds of men. This teaching is to awaken you to your light, and the awakening begins by self-observation.

If you have a secret affection for living in the mud of self- pity and condemnation, your world will mirror those feelings. But if you will rearrange your mind and live in the heavenly feeling of harmony and love, your manifested world will change. If, today, you would spend five minutes in uncritical observation of yourself, you would be surprised to discover how deceitful you are.

It is a terrible shock, I know, but every shock of this type will let in the light of awareness, and life is an ever-increasing illumination. As the light comes in, you become more and more conscious of who you really are. There is only one cause for the phenomena of life. Only by observing your own consciousness can you discover the cause of what is happening to you. There is no greater tyrant than the belief in a secondary cause.

Let that tyrant go by remembering the one and only substance; the only cause which is awareness and immediately change what you are aware of. Only by observing your reactions to life can you find yourself. And remember, as long as you react as you do, the same things must confront you, for all that you admit to is made manifest by your consciousness, and everything you manifest is your consciousness. Stop walking through the world in the mud and living in its basement. Your soul is made up of all that you consent to.

Lose your soul on one level and you will find it on a higher level, defined differently. Always examine yourself uncritically, for the moment you become critical, you automatically justify your reactions and associate yourself with the thing observed.

Everything is individual. Collective security and collective salvation are terms approached individually. Learn to stand on your own feet and not on the feet of a group.

You must free yourself, and the only way to do that is to awaken the Christ in you who is sound asleep. Think noble thoughts based on noble concepts and they will pay great dividends, for you will rise in consciousness and transform your world. Give yourself your daily bread by giving yourself the opportunity to remember who you are! Never envy the good fortune of another, simply appropriate your own. Since your reactions determine what you are, any change in your outer world must be produced by your inner level of being.

In the 7th Chapter of the Book of Mark, we are told, "Hear and understand: He who has ears, let him hear. When you identify yourself with a thought, it outpictures itself as an act. If the thought is unlovely, it defiles you. Awaken and select only thoughts that contribute to the birth of your desire. You must constantly observe your dwelling place, for where you are psychologically is what you are. Your mood indicates your state, and you are always externalizing the state upon which you stand.

The Upanishads, one of a class of Vedic treatises dealing with broad philosophic problems, states: Not imagining itself into the state, it is free from its results. As you feel yourself into the situation of your answered prayer, you have entered a state and your soul has taken upon itself the results of that state.

If you do not enter the state, you are free of its lovely results. Accept an idea as true. Identify yourself with it and it will outpicture itself in your world. But if you do not accept the thought and identify yourself with it through feeling, you are free from its results. You must become very selective and learn not to associate yourself with unlovely thoughts.

In the Book of Kings, we are told how those who entered the temple brought something alive with them such as an ox or bullock. These were used as burnt offerings. These sacrifice offerings are your body of suffering. They are the animals you must offer called grievances.

No matter what the grievance may be, you have no right to carry it around with you and you cannot ascend in consciousness until all of your grievances are tossed on the altar and sacrificed. Only as you give them up will you find the holy water. Now, this holy water is not the church variety but the symbol of the twelve aspects of the mind. When your mind is cleared of all of its cobwebs grievances , the bowl of holy water is placed on the backs of oxen, and your disciplined mind serves you rather than you serving it.

The bull symbolizes the mind in its wild state and must be tamed washed in holy water and clothed in soft raiment. When you enter the Holy of holies alone and bathe in its waters, your mind is washed of all mean thoughts and cleansed. Begin now to associate your thoughts only with the good; then that which proceeds out of your mouth mind will never defile you.

I AM is the self-definition of the infinite. Awareness I AMness is the only power of the universe. Its power makes you alive. If you say, "I am sick," you are! If you say, "I am secure," you are! Feeling yourself into the situation of a given state, you must take upon yourself the results of that state of mind. All things are made alive from a state of mind and without the state nothing can be made, as you only resurrect the state from which you are identified.

Where you are psychologically is what you are in reality. Therefore, if you catch yourself feeling sorry for yourself, stop it and start feeling happy. If you don't, you will identify yourself with the state of self-pity and outpicture it. If you feel weak in any sense, affirm "I am strong," and if you persist in that assumption it will harden into fact.

No one should ever take the name of the Lord in vain, for that name is I AM. The righteous man is already conscious of being the person he wants to be. He never sins, but runs into the name, for sinning is missing his desired state, and righteousness is hitting it.

Your individual hunger can and will be satisfied when you run righteously into the state desired. This is done through the act of feeling. Feel happy and you are conscious of happiness. Feel married and you have consciously moved into the state of marriage. The thing desired must be felt before you are conscious of possessing it. Learn to say "no" to unlovely thoughts rather than accepting them with passive indifference, for a soul must imagine himself into the act to taste the fruit of the state acted upon.

Remember, consciousness alone is the cause of the fruit you reap and the only explanation for its existence. There is no one to blame but self for all of the things that have happened, are happening and will happen to you, as they could not come into your world unless you consented to them.

Start now to consent only to lovely thoughts of fulfilled desires prior to their confirmation by your senses, and give up the animal instinct of suffering and bathing yourself in the feelings of hurt and self-pity. The psychological tongue is much like the physical one. If someone annoys you, turn aside and keep the tongue of your mind away from the sore spots of dislike, for your little mental conversations are the producers of your future.

Sacrifice your body of suffering by giving it up and tame your mind, for we are told, "Blessed are the meek tame , for they shall inherit the earth. There is a rhythm in your world which you cannot hear or see, and your aura is like no one else's. A bloodhound knows. If two odors were alike, no bloodhound could find you. But you are unique, one of a kind with your own special aura radiating your level of being.

Don't judge auras for the simple reason that you have to see the aura of another through your own, and what you are seeing is only your assumption of the man. Complacency is a curse. Andrew is the disciple who symbolizes this aspect of mind.

Pay attention to your thoughts and discipline them so that they flow from the feeling of your wish fulfilled, for you are not awake until the outer you becomes placid and the inner you dynamic. Don't try to argue someone out of their misery. We are told to, "Let the filthy be filthy still; what is that to thee? Follow thou me. All things, when admitted to consciousness, are made manifest, be they good, bad or indifferent. Dare to stand on your own by this teaching and you will never again feel the need to justify failure.

The priest will see God as the head of all celestial and terrestrial records.

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To a judge, he is the great judge forever meting out punishment. To the Hottentot, God is the kind of chief he, himself, would like to be. So, you see, men are forever creating God in their own image. Truth alone is man's salvation.

But the God that now you worship Soon shall be your God no more. For the soul in its unfolding Evermore its thoughts remolding And it learns more truly in its progress Whom to love and how to adore. Desire is your mainspring of action, for you cannot move without desire. Ask yourself, "What wantest thou of me? Feel its presence and you have granted yourself the desire's fulfillment. Human life is nothing more than the appeasement of hunger, and the infinite series of levels of awareness is the means to satisfy that hunger.

Health is a desire, a hunger which can be appeased when the idea is formulated in the mind that I am healthy. The same is true for wealth, peace, harmony or fame, for all of these are states of awareness. Identify yourself with the state desired.

Persist in this identification and, because you and God are one consciousness, what you are conscious of, you outpicture. The cross is the symbol of suffering. There is no physical cross upon which a man was nailed, but a body of beliefs which a man wears. As an individual, you move and live in time, but your true being is in eternity.

Think of the vertical line of the cross as the line of being upon which there are unnumbered levels of awareness. Now, time cannot make you better or wiser. In fact, time cannot do a thing towards changing your level of being, for change is all on the vertical line where you move to higher or lower levels of your own being. Because change is imminent, we speak of it as infinite imminence; as nearer than near and sooner than now. The man you would like to be is imminent.

He is nearer than near. The ideal you dream of being is sooner than now and is brought into being by a change in your reactions to life.

In the Book of Revelations, we are told, "I will give to every being according to his work. Start this work by observing your reactions to life. Remember, your future is not being developed, it already is.

The time track is complete as well as all of the events you can encounter. As you move up or down the level of your being, changes will occur in your life. You are now resting at a certain level. Break these threads by changing your thoughts, for only as you rise within, will you find a corresponding change without. Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you were of too pure eyes to behold iniquity? If you were all tenderness? All love? All generosity?

Aim for those feelings and then watch your relationship to them. It is here, in the midst of the storms of life, that you work this law. If you identify yourself with an unlovely state, you will find yourself sinking into it. But you can lift up your cross by breaking your automatic, mechanical reactions to life and sacrificing your present level of being. This message comes, not to bring peace, but a sword. It comes to set a man at variance against his brother, father, mother and all the members of his household, for I bring the sword of truth which is the word of God.

This word is sharper than any two-edged sword, for it is capable of piercing the soul and spirit. I am not suggesting that you turn against your earthly relatives, but that you turn against the psychological ideas that govern your behavior and the dominant mood which governs your actions and reactions to life.

If, at this moment your feelings are not noble, turn against them, for they are your psychological mother. This is done by putting new feeling in their place. You cannot change your thinking until you change your feeling, and all feelings come from ideas. A man's enemies are those of his own household which is everything he accepts as true.

This sword can pierce, even to the severing of soul and spirit. Be still and say to yourself, with feeling "I AM He. But you can be reclothed and ascend to a higher level of being when you take up your cross and follow your imagination.

Most of us are aimless. We want more than we presently have. We want the other fellow to change, but we don't want to do the one thing that will bring the change about, for we don't want to change self. In Revelations, John tells us, "I will give to everyone according to his work. Disassociate yourself from your unpleasant thoughts and associate yourself with your aim, thereby rising to its level, for your ideal is on that vertical line you stand upon.

Scripture tells us to "Seek and you shall find: Those who go searching for love only make manifest their lovelessness, for you never have to search for what you are! I am Mary and you are Mary too, for we are forever conceiving of ourselves. The whole of human life is the appeasement of desire, and desire, conceived as fulfilled, will externalize itself. If you are not hungry enough to transcend your present level of consciousness, you will not conceive of anything greater.

As long as you are in love with the state you are in, you cannot and will not rise from it. Without the vertical line of states, life would have no meaning.

The ancients called this infinite series, Jacob's ladder. You do not build this ladder, rather you climb it through self-discovery. When you think of another, you are seeing only your opinion of him. If you think he is kind, he is kind. If you think he is stupid, he is stupid as he is playing the part you have assigned him because of your opinion.

Therefore, if your desire is for him to change, you must change your opinion of yourself, for "he" is only your opinion pushed out. Where you are psychologically is what you are; therefore, only associate with the feeling that leads you to the fulfillment of your dreams. And may all of your dreams be noble ones. The Bible's purpose is to lift the individual up to a higher level of being. This begins in the state of Moses and the discovery of I AM. Then, in the Book of Isaiah, we are told to "Turn back your foot from the sabbath and take delight in the Lord.

Now, in order to keep the sabbath, you must cease from having any mental doubt, as the mental foot you stand upon is your belief. When your mental foot touches the earth, its action is automatic and mechanical.

Using your powerful consciousness, begin now to break the mechanical hold it has on your life by turning your thoughts to your fulfilled desire and observe the sabbath. The twins spoken of in scripture symbolize your duality: Abel, the inner you, and Cain, the outer you. A reversal of order must now occur, for in the New Testament your true identity is revealed as Christ the inner you your hope of glory.

As you walk the earth, see people as they want to be seen, and you are pouring oil on their wounds. But if you do not, you are as the scribes and the Pharisees described in the 23rd Chapter of Matthew, doing their deeds to be seen by men; they preach but do not practice. In the 3rd Chapter of the Book of John, the story is told of Nicodemus, an intellectual man who believed that if he kept the law of Moses he could enter the kingdom of heaven, yet he was told, "You must be born again, born of water and spirit.

Keeping the law of Moses is not enough. You must experience a change in the level of your being, thereby giving you wisdom in order for you to know rebirth. Your inner talking is the breeding ground of your future, be it lovely or unlovely. This is told us so vividly in the Book of Deuteronomy: And every time you do unto others what you would like done unto you, they are blessed in the doing. Water is the symbol of psychological truth. To know the truth is not enough.

It must be acted upon, at which time the psychological water turns into wine. Start now to observe all of your unpleasant, negative thoughts and change them, for until you separate yourself from the state from which these thoughts flow, they will continue to cause you to have the same experiences in life. Augustine once said, "O, my God, let me see thee, and if to die is to see thee, then let me die that I may behold thy face.

But I will cause my glory to pass by and when I pass by, you shall see my back, but my face you will not see. It is your power to kill, to make alive, to wound and to heal. It is your imagination which forms the light, makes the good, and creates the evil, and there is no other God.

Man is inclined to believe in two powers, one for good and the other for evil, but I tell you there is only one. The "I" in man is he who kills and makes alive, who curses and creates. Your consciousness of being is the only reality.

The self- definition of an absolute state is "I am divine. It is your I AM which cannot be seen. Matthew tells us, "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. The heart must be cleared of the belief in a secondary power. Only when this is done will you be blessed, for you will know the one and only God to be your true self.

There is no power outside of you. The same power in you that makes the good, creates the evil. Start now to free yourself from the belief in two powers, for only then will you be pure in heart and see God. The whole vast universe is nothing more than the response to the consciousness of men. If you believe that the "I" in another is the cause of your displeasure and not your own "I," then you have planted a tree in your mind which is obstructing your view and must be uprooted.

We are told, "No man shall imagine evil in his heart. When your heart is pure, you become a member of the order of Melchizedek. Read the story carefully and you will see that when Abraham slaughtered the kings all of his negative and unlovely ideas , he returned to find Melchizedek, the symbol of the I AM, the being you really are. Learn to discipline your mind, for only the disciplined mind can maintain the feeling of the wish fulfilled.

If, what you had imagined has not come into being, it is because you have not severed the ties that bind you to the level where you now stand.

You must break your mechanical reaction to life in order to change your life-track. The only reason for this teaching is to encourage you and push you up the vertical line of the cross. It is very important for you to learn to be uncritical of yourself, for if you are not, you will justify your behavior which will cause you to remain in your present state. But if you will stop being critical, you will stop the negative thoughts that bind you to your present state and move out of it into another.

There are three ways to clear your mind of the trees of traditional wrong thinking and allow you to see God. They are: Man tries to see God by means of little pictures, but God can only be seen through belief in one power. Through uncritical observation, you will encounter your particular state.

If you don't like the role the state requires you to play as it unfolds, stop reacting to it. Until you reach the point where you no longer react, you are not pure enough to see God. When you see Him, you will know Him, as you will be like Him. Establish one "I" within yourself, not a number of "I's. Your belief in powers external to you is a tree which must be rooted out of your mind.

Begin now to use this technique and you will realize your every dream. But first you must have a dream, a desire for something, as desire is your springboard of action. Define your objective. If it were fulfilled now, where would you be physically? What would the world look like?

Would your wife, husband, mother, father, or friends see you differently? Feel their presence: Repeat this act until you have the feeling of accomplishment. Then, having assumed the feeling of completion, remain faithful to it, for your assumption contains within itself all of the plans and power necessary for externalization.

You need do nothing on the outside, for by your assumption, your mind is being rearranged, and what it confirms, it externalizes. Your desire may be for an improvement in your financial position, your social circle, or a deeper understanding of the mystery. The desire is up to you, but when put into practice, this technique will never fail you.

The kingdom of heaven, with its many states some lovely and some not so lovely is within you. The state capable of wounding or healing, killing or making alive, is within you. They are all psychological states, completely furnished and ready to externalize themselves in your world.

And, if having entered a particular mansion state , you do not care to remain there, you may leave it by the same technique it was entered - through the act of assumption. It is so easy to feel sorry for yourself and so very difficult to give up this feeling. But you cannot enter another state until you do. No one can uproot the weeds of self-pity or the trees of so-called second causes for you. You must uproot them yourself. God put Adam in the garden to tend and keep it. As Adam you fell asleep, but when you awake, you are Christ, the power and the wisdom of God.

Start now to observe your reactions to life and do not allow yourself to become identified with any unlovely state. Sacrifice your little hurts, your grievances, and belief in secondary causes. Then you will be blessed, for you will be pure in heart and see God. Test yourself and you will discover that the fault you see in the other exists in you. Turn to self, and you will find the Christ in you who is your hope of glory. You will know that any secondary cause is a tyrant, and if you believe in an outside power, you are fighting a losing battle.

Emerson once said, "Man surrounds himself with the true image of himself, as every spirit builds for itself a house beyond its house, a world beyond its world. Therefore, build yourself a world as you would like it to be — a world beyond the world now visible to you. The world you desire exists and will unfold itself in great proportions when you, all spirit, surround yourself with the true image of yourself as you would like to be.

Think of your world as a canvas with the pictures painted there by the arrangement of your mind. Your I AMness consciousness has already arranged as many patterns for your canvas as there are people walking the earth. Turn to yourself and, claiming that your desire exists, feel yourself move right into its center. Then paint your canvas of consciousness. Everything is there at your disposal. Its reality is up to you and the intensity of your desire. Always look to self, for your consciousness is the sole cause of the phenomena of your individual life.

Perhaps you have imagined something which never came to pass and you feel that you failed, but I tell you there is only one cause for failure and that is absence of the feeling of naturalness. It takes time for an assumption to become a fact, and a desire is fulfilled proportionate to the degree of naturalness of the feeling of possession.

If something does not feel natural to you, it is not your nature. To ask in my name is to ask in my nature or character; therefore, when you ask, you must feel you already are that which you are seeking.

It is stupid to seek a thing before you establish its cause. An effect depends upon a state of consciousness, and you cannot find the effect without being its cause. And if you do not feel the naturalness of the desired state, you cannot externalize it, for consciousness is very observable. Ask yourself how long you have been conscious of being what you want to be. To what extent do you feel its reality now?

Matthew tells us, "0, you faithless and perverse generation. How long shall I be with you? I hope so, for without faith it is impossible to achieve anything.

It is the substance of the thing hoped for and the cause of all phenomena. The word "perverse" means "to turn the wrong way; without aim, fixity or one-pointedness of purpose. But if success is your goal, its mood must be worn until the feeling of being successful is so natural you cannot turn away from it. On the other hand, "importunity" means "brazen impudence. This world moves with the necessity of molding and manifesting the arrangement of the individual's mind.

It is important to persist until fulfillment becomes your nature. Changes begin to occur at their moment of naturalness. I entered the corridor. It was a nice, wide corridor dimly lit. At the end of the corridor, intersecting it was a brilliantly lit corridor. I walked down to the very end; and when I got to the end, here is this luminous, luminous, wonderful corridor. I saw two ladies coming down the corridor. I knew exactly what I was doing. I knew how it began; it began by seeing what seemed to me just a vision, like a painting.

I knew that I left my bed, my consciousness following vision, and entered the painting; and the painting took on cubic reality. But I am dreaming now awake. I am not dreaming sleeping; I am fully awake, and it is a dream. So they got as far removed from me as they could, and got right next to the wall. While looking at them, -- and they are frightened to death, -- they walked quickly by; and then I saw something hanging, like a chandelier.

If you look closely, there is an almost invisible thread that connects it to the ceiling. It was just as solid as this indicating. That surprised me. They kept on moving, and they moved rapidly towards the end; and here I am, holding this thing in my hand. All ends run true to origins, and the origin of this experience of yours was a dream. So this must be a dream. I am just as awake as I am now, talking to you, as I was talking to those ladies.

When they got to the end, they looked back at this mad person. In their eyes, I was mad, and they simply disappeared by stepping down a few steps into what undoubtedly was the great reception room, the foyer of a huge, big hotel. How are you going to get back? There is no road leading beck to that bed on which you left a body.

You have unfinished business. What on earth am I going to do? And here, I am looking at something entirely different. I must get back. Then I remembered a similar experience that happened years before when feeling brought me back. Feeling awoke me in a dream. I found myself on a beach. It was more like the Pacific Islands. I have not been there, but I had been born in the tropics; so I knew exactly what they must look like.

But it was not the West Indies; it was the East Indies. And here, I know I am dreaming. I held onto a pile driven into the beach there -- a solid mass of cement. I awoke and there I am, completely awake, wading in the water, holding onto this object. Then I went towards the beach, and a strange, peculiar animal approached me, and it scared me. I got back through fright, and I awoke in that water through feeling. Now, I am not afraid of what I am doing. My only concern is to get back and take care of my obligations in life, which is my wife and my daughter.

Now, how to get back? I am not afraid. So I closed my eyes, and I imagined that my head was on a pillow, and that I could feel the pillow; and then after a little while when I opened my eyes, I am still standing in the corridor.

I tried it again; and then by the third time, as I tried it, I could feel something under my head. I allowed that to remain; then suddenly I could feel it. Instead of standing as I am now, perpendicular, I feel I am lying horizontally. The body was cataleptic and I am frozen like this. Then in about, -- oh, maybe, twenty seconds or so, I could move this little finger.

In a little while I could move from the elbow down; and then, with tremendous effort, I could move the arm, and I pushed it out to feel the warm body of my wife. Then, with a tremendous effort, 1 could open the lid, and see the familiar objects in the room that I had left behind me. I walked into a thing that I could only see lying upon my bed. Entering that state, it took on a cubic reality. God made this world real by entering it.

As we are told, He is not only translucent -- I would say, in a translucent manner; we are told, He is above all. He is also through all, and He is in all. If He is through all, He is Omnipresent. If He is in all, He is immanent.

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Then I am told, He dwells in me. He is in me, He is in you, He is in everyone. Am I now confined to this little place here at the podium? I am not. I proved that that night. I have proved it unnumbered times since. I am not actually confined to where this body is.

I dwell in it; and He who dwells in it is the Spirit of God, and the Spirit of God is my imagination. I have proven to my own satisfaction that my imagination can travel. I can stand here and penetrate my home, leaving the body here as I did on the bed; and penetrating the home, the home becomes a cubic reality, as it will tonight when I take this body home and enter my door.

The house is a cubic reality. But must I wait until I get home tonight in this body to give it that? Can I not now, knowing Who God is, -- God is Spirit, and He is now encased in this little garment of flesh; but He is Spirit, and I have discovered He is my own wonderful human imagination. But that Being that he really is, is all imagination. And as He enters, wherever He enters, it takes on cubic reality.

That I have proven. The Immortal You cannot die. It did not begin. So when you leave this world, because you are all imagination, -- the very moment that you depart, you are in some state; but, you being there, you give it cubic reality.

That world is just as real as this world. The purpose, now, is to awaken that Being in you, so He is fully conscious at all times. That is the purpose of life.

He who came down and took upon Himself the weaknesses and the limitations of this garment and confined Himself to it, is destined to awaken while He walks this earth.

THIS book is concerned with the art of realizing your desire. It gives you an account of the mechanism used in the production of the visible world. It is a small book but not slight. There is a treasure in it, a clearly defined road to the realization of your dreams.

My object in writing these pages is to indicate possibilities inherent in man, to show that man can alter his future; but, thus altered, it forms again a deterministic sequence starting from the point of interference — a future that will be consistent with the alteration.

Everything depends upon its attitude towards itself; that which it will not affirm as true of itself cannot awaken in its world. Such a word is imagination. This word is made to serve all manner of ideas, some of them directly opposed to one another.

Fancy, thought, hallucination, suspicion: The world is my conditioned consciousness objectified. That which I feel and believe to be true of myself is now projected in space as my world. The world, my mirrored self, ever bears witness of the state of consciousness in which I live. There is no chance or accident responsible for the things that happen to me or the environment in which I find myself.

Nor is predestined fate the author of my fortunes or misfortunes. Innocence and guilt are mere words with no meaning to the law of consciousness, except as they reflect the state of consciousness itself.

Thank you so much for those wonderful books.Divine Signs.


Think of your home; you know your home far better than you know this room, but your home -- at this moment -- is not as real as this room. I know from my own personal experience. I know it could not have happened -- nothing happens by natural causes. Sit in that chair until you feel the chair around you. I entered the corridor. Associate yourself with that feeling by becoming conscious of it. That is the will of God which will not turn back until he has executed and accomplished the intents of your mind.

But we are told that when he came to his senses he turned around and entered his Father's house, at which time he was given the fatted calf, the robe, and the ring.