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relationship of Him as. Father—which is where the intimacy starts. The excitement and fulfillment from experiencing close friendship with God has. A friend and an acquaintance are not the same. As regards trust, affection, respect, and loyalty, friendship goes deeper and demands a higher degree of re-. Neale Donald Walsch has changed the way millions of Americans think about God. His Conversations with God series, book 1, book 2, and book 3, have all.

I gave her the name of the place. Her voice turned to ice. I guess I Then, clearly pulling from some deep inner source of infinite patience, she blinked twice and smiled. They do not teach the truth. It is a sin to attend church anywhere other than a Catholic church.

God will not consecrate the marriage. Heavy stuff God was one tough hombre. There would no stepping out of line here.

Well, I stepped out of line. I decided not to tell anyone what the nun had said, and I went to that wedding as an usher. Boy, was I scared! Still, by the end of the service I was sopping wet. That night I begged God on hands and knees to forgive me my transgression. I want to impress on you how real my fear of God was. Because my story is not unique. Far from it. Stop it, or God will punish you. We have to be careful with God. Or so they say. So how to choose, how to know?

Now along comes a book called Friendship with God. What can this mean? How can it be? This preview shows page 1 - 4 out of pages. Subscribe to view the full document. I cannot even describe how much Course Hero helped me this summer. In the end, I was not only able to survive summer classes, but I was able to thrive thanks to Course Hero. San Diego Christian College. I am deeply grateful to have found God in my life, deeply grateful to have made friends with God at last, and deeply grateful for all that God has given me—and has given me a chance to give.

Nancy is an astonishing person. You can acknowledge it. Yes, and whoever came up with that should be ashamed. I believe it was Jesus. Jesus merely used the idioms and the language of his day—just as you are doing here. No, I am not. Anymore than I am your Mother in heaven.

Well, then, who are You? The problem is that you insist on personifying Me, and. I am not a person. I know that. And I think most people know that. We can relate to You better.

But can you? Can you? One thing I will say: Of course. As a friend. Boy, would that turn some heads around on Sunday morning. Yes, and it might also turn some thinking around. You mean they might one day become comfortable with.

Me knowing what their friends and lovers know? So what do you say—do you want a friendship with God? I thought I already had one. You do. First, you have to know Me. I thought I did know You. Only casually. So how can I get to know You better? You have to have a real willingness. You have to be willing to see Me where you find Me, not only where you expect to find Me. You have to see Me where you find Me—and find Me where you see Me. But how can we make sure we recognize You?

You have to come to know Me again. How do we do that? First, you must believe that I exist. Most people do believe in God. Surveys show that in recent years belief in God has actually increased on our planet.

One of the things you believe about Me is that I do not want you to know Me. Some of you even believe that you dare not so much as utter My name. So you can stop quarreling over what to call Me.

Even many of those religions which are not arguing about My name are teaching that for you to seek too much knowledge of God is unwise, and for you to say that God has actually talked to you is heresy. You must be willing to suspend what you imagine you already know about God in order to know God as you never imagined.

That is the key here, because you have many imaginings about God which bear no resemblance to reality. How can I get to this place of willingness? Now, expand on this experience. Open yourself to new ideas, new possibilities about Me. All of these are radical ideas. The churches do indeed call these heresies. And so, in the irony of all ironies, you may have to abandon the church in order to know God.

For churches teach of a God whom you are told you cannot know, and whom you would not choose as a friend. For what friend would you have who would punish you for your every misdeed? And what kind of friend considers it a misdeed to simply be called by the wrong name? I know that you believe in God, or you could never have had conversations with God to begin with. Thus, your conversation not only allowed you to undertake these explorations, but millions of others along with you.

Yes, because I have had no trouble moving from my old beliefs about You to an acceptance of the new ideas about You which were given me in the Conversations. In fact, to be truthful, many of those ideas were ideas I already had.

In this sense, the CWG trilogy was not so much a revelation as it was a confirmation. My mail over the past five years tells me it was that way for thousands of others as well. And this is as good a place as any to tell the story of how the book was written. The Conversations with God dialogue was not written as a book. Unlike the material I am now writing. I had no idea, when the dialogue began, that it was ever going to see print.

As far as I knew, I was having a private process, to which no one else would ever be privy. That process began on a night in February of when I was on the verge of falling into chronic depression. Nothing had been going right in my life. My relationship with my significant other was kaput, my career had hit a dead end, and even my health was failing. Usually in my life it had been one thing or another, but now it was everything at once. Nor was it the second, or third, or fourth. I was coming to feel that I had simply not been given the equipment to play the game of Life, and I was furious.

Things had pretty much dwindled to nothing, my over thirty years of hovering around the broadcasting and journalism businesses reaping pitifully meager rewards.

I was forty-eight years old with nothing much to show for a half century on the planet. Not surprisingly, my health had taken a downhill turn as well. I felt at forty-eight as if my body was falling apart.

And so it was that on a February night in , I awoke with anger in my heart. Tossing and turning as I tried to go back to sleep, I was a mountain of frustration. Finally, I threw back the covers and stomped out of the bedroom. There I sat, stewing in my own juice. Finally, in the moonlight streaming through the window, I saw a yellow legal pad on the coffee table in front of me.

I picked it up, found a pen, flicked on a lamp, and began writing an angry letter to God.

Friendship with god pdf neale donald walsch

What have I done to deserve a life of such continuing struggle? And what are the rules here? On and on like that I wrote, scribbling madly all over the pad—writing very large, as I do when I am angry, pressing down so hard that a person could hold a sheet five pages lower up to the light and see what I had written.

A yellow legal pad in the middle of the night might be the best therapy, after all. I waited for my muscles to relax but was struck instead with a feeling that there was something more I needed to write. I watched as I brought pen back to paper, fascinating myself even as I did it, because I knew of nothing more that I wanted to write.

Yet here I was acting as if there was more to be written. No sooner had the pen reached the pad than my mind filled with a thought. The thought was said to me, by a voice.

It was the softest, kindest, most gentle voice I had ever heard. It was a. To which I received the reply: And I found myself answering, What in the hell is that supposed to mean? The thoughts were so stunning that I found myself writing them down—and responding to them.

The ideas being given to me through me? It went on for three hours, and then suddenly it was 7: I sat up in bed, wondering what that was all about, when I felt an urgent pull to get out of bed and back to the yellow legal pad. Still wondering what was going on, and why, I stumbled around the house, found the pad, and returned to my nesting place on the living room sofa. I began writing again—picking up right where I had left off, asking questions and receiving answers. I guess I thought I was going to be keeping a journal, or a special little diary.

One of the questions I am most frequently asked is, When did I decide, when did I know, that it was God I was talking to? At first a part of me thought I was just talking to myself.

Which is it? This was unlike anything else in the dialogue to that point. This was breakthrough information. I began to experience that source as God. Nothing has changed my mind about it since. Come to Me, I said, along the path of your heart, not through a journey of your mind. You will never find Me in your mind. Yet the reality of Me will not be found in your previous ideas, but in your present moment experience.

Think of it this way: Put another way, the mind analyses and remembers, the body experiences and feels, the soul observes and knows. If you want to access what you remember about God, look to your mind. If you want to access what you feel about God, look to your body. If you want to access what you know about God, look to your soul.


I thought that feelings were the language of the soul. They are. Yet your soul talks through your body, which gives you a here-and-now experience of your truth. Checking in with your body is the fastest way of doing this. I see. Your stomach actually provides you with a very good barometer. Your soul knows everything—past, present, and future. It knows Me, intimately, because it is the part of Me that is closest to you. Oh, wow, I like that. So to know Me, all you have to do is truly know your own soul.

To have a friendship with God, all I really have to do is have a friendship with my Self. That sounds so simple. If knowing your Self, much less having a friendship with your Self, was simple, you would have done it a long time ago.

Can You help me? And this you will one day do for others. You will give people back to themselves—and thus, back to Me. For when you find your Self, you find Me. There I have always been, and there I will always be. How can I have a friendship with my Self? By coming to know Who You Really Are. I thought I have had a friendship with my Self.

I like me a lot! Maybe a bit too much. A big ego is not a sign that one likes oneself, but just the opposite. That almost hurts. A painful observation is almost always a truthful one. You are having growing pains, My son. Only you can know that. Put another way, the larger your understanding of Who You Really Are, the smaller your ego.

When you know Who You Really Are fully, your ego is fully gone. But my ego is my sense of myself, no? Your ego is who you think that you are.

It is okay to have an ego. Confusion is the first step toward wisdom. Folly is thinking you have all the answers. Can You help me here? Is it good to have an ego, or not? What you seek to experience is Who You Really Are. The reason that you cannot experience any aspect of Who You Are in the Realm of the Absolute is that in this realm, there is no aspect you are not.

The Absolute is just that—the absolute. The Alpha andthe Omega, with nothing in between. The Realm of the Relative was created so that you can know your Self as magnificent, experientially. In truth, you are One with everything. That is your magnificence! It is like an Alice-in-Wonderland world, in which things are not what they seem to be, and in which things seem to be what they are not. Your ego is your chief tool in creating this illusion. It is the part of you that thinks of you as being an individual.

When the ego becomes so enlarged that all you can see is the separate Self, all chance of experiencing the unified Self is gone, and you are lost. You have literally become lost in the world of your illusion, and you may remain lost in that illusion for many lifetimes, until you finally bring your Self out of it, or until somebody else—another soul-pulls you out. So, you ask if it is good to have an ego, and that is a very large question.

It all depends on what you are trying to do. If you find it enjoyable to not experience your Self as part of the One, you will be given the choice of not having that experience just now. All ways. Ask a question, get an answer. Yes, I see. No, the answer is right there, on the tip of My tongue. What does that mean? I never have been. You see, you are creating your own reality. But catch the closed circle here—because if you do not believe that you create your own reality, then you will experience your reality as something you did not create.

You are, My wonderful one. In more ways than you could know.

For everything that you see is a reflection of you. And if the mirrors of life show you distortions, it is a reflection of your distorted thoughts about you. That gets me back to where I was before we got off on this tangent.

There are no tangents, My son, only different routes to the same destination. I was asking you how I can have a friendship with myself. You said I can know God when I know my own soul; that I can have a friendship with God when I have a friendship with myself. I asked You how I can do that. I thought I had a friendship with myself already. For some people, at best what they have is a truce.

Maybe what You said about a large ego being a sign that I do not like myself is true. You should have been a psychologist. I invented psychology. I was just kidding. You make me laugh, You know that? I make you laugh?

You make Me laugh. Laughter is good for the soul. How can I have a friendship with myself? By coming to clarity on Who You Really Are—and who you are not. How can I come to clarity about who I am and who I am not? Okay, Who am I not?

You are not—first and foremost I want to tell you that you are not—your past. You are not your yesterdays. A lot of people are going to want you to think that you are your yesterdays.

In fact, some others are going to insist that you be. This allows them to justify how they are treating you. This allows them to justify how they expect you to treat them. What you are invited to do is live in the moment.

How can I forget my past? What do I do, just forget that I did those things? Do not seek to forget your past, seek to change your future. The worst thing you could do is forget your past. Forget your past and you forget all that it has to show you, all that it gave you as its gift.

Yet, once you have made that decision, let go of your past. Letting go of it does not mean forgetting it. It means stopping the holding on, ending the clinging to your past as if you are going to drown without it. You are drowning because of it. Stop using your past to keep you afloat in your ideas of Who You Are.

Let go of these old logs and swim to a new shore. Even people with a wonderful past are not served by holding onto it as if that is Who They Are. Neither rest on your laurels nor dwell on your failures.

Rather, start over; begin anew in each golden moment of Now. But how can I change behaviors that have become habitual, or character traits that have become ingrained? By asking yourself one simple question: Is this Who I Am? And this will change long-held character traits or behaviors? Try it. Okay, I will. It is not a process of discovery, it is a process of creation.

You are not deciding this based on your discoveries, but rather, based on preferences. Do not be who you thought you were, be who you wish you were. From now on you are going to be a product of your highest wishes. Can I really change that much? Of course you can. But remember: You are only changing because you choose to change, you choose a newer version of your Self.

But it is a very, very powerful.

It can be transformational. It makes it clear what you are doing. I observe that many people do not know what they are doing. What do You mean? What are they doing? They are creating themselves. They do not know that this is, in fact, the purpose of all life. Because they do not know this, they do not realize how. When you see this, when you understand it, everything changes.

You begin to see life a new way. Oh, yes. Most assuredly. And who is that? Whoever you say you are! Your choices define you. Every act is an act of self-definition.

So yes, a simple, five-word question like that can change your life. Especially if you ask the question at decision-making time. There is no time when you are not making a decision.

Even when you are sleeping, you are making decisions. And some people are sleeping even when it looks like they are awake. Someone once said, we are a planet of sleepwalkers.

They were not far from the truth. Actually, there are two five-word magic questions. These questions, asked at the right moment, can propel you forward in your own evolution faster than you might ever imagine.

The questions are: What would love do now? With your decision to ask and answer those questions at every juncture, you will move from student to teacher of The New Gospel.

The New Gospel? What is that? In time, My friend. In due time. We have much to say before we get to that. Then can I go back to guilt just one more time? What they have done in the past, I am going to say again, is not who they are.

It may be who others think they are, it may even be who they think they are, but it is not Who They Really Are. So, they see their life as hopeless. No life is pointless! Fear and guilt are the only enemies of man. If you release guilt, guilt will release you. How do we let go of fear and guilt? By deciding to. It is an arbitrary decision, based on nothing but personal preference.

You simply change your mind about yourself, and how you choose to feel. It is as your Harry Palmer says: Even a murderer can change his mind. Even a rapist can re-create himself anew. All it takes is a decision deep in the heart and soul and mind: This is not Who I Am. That goes for any of us, whatever our misdeeds, large or small? That goes for any of you. Yet how can I forgive myself if I have done the unforgivable? There is no such thing as the unforgivable.

There is no offense so great that I would refuse to forgive it. Even the strictest of your religions teach that. They may not agree on the way of atonement, they may not agree on the path, but they all agree that there is a way, there is a path. What is the way? How can I achieve atonement if I, myself consider my offenses unforgivable? This experience you will have—you will remember this—immediately after death, after you depart from your body.

That could be a living hell.

But you will all—all of you—experience the impact, the outcome, and the results of your choices and decisions. That still sounds like it could be painful. It is not. You will not experience pain, only awareness. You will be deeply in tune with, deeply aware of, the totality of every moment and what it held. Yet this will not be painful, but, rather, enlightening. God is not interested in getting you back.

This is the path of evolution you are on, not the road to hell. The goal is awareness, not retribution. Say, not bad. Not bad at all. But guilt and regret are not the same thing. Regret can be instructive, while guilt is only debilitating. You are exactly right. That is well said. We can make something worthwhile out of them. Then we can make friends with ourselves again—and then we can make friends with You. You can, indeed. And step one in having a real, a working, friendship with God is complete.

I wish it were as simple as you make it sound. Thank you for your honesty. Never be sorry for honesty.

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Even if I do something horrendous? Even if you do something horrendous. I will not. That means I can go out and do anything I want.

ZIP Friendship With God Pdf Neale Donald Walsch

Sometimes, yes. Well, I can think of one example of that in my life, yes. What was it? Right here? You want me to tell You right here, in front of God and everybody?

Yes, go ahead. Well, if You must know—suicide. I once thought about it very seriously. You know all about it.

With love, not fear. There was a bit of fear in there, too. There was? I was afraid of what would happen to me if I took my own life. So we began our dialogue.Nothing has changed my mind about it since. Until I got to school and told the nun. I wish it were as simple as you make it sound.

Your conversations with God were always, and only, the beginning. As people get to know you, they get to know themselves. It would be the end of the world, and there would be moaning and gnashing of teeth and unbelievable torment.

That could be a living hell. Bob Friedman, for showing me that integrity exists, indeed. We are on a journey here.