Open Book Lyrics: I guess my life's an open book / Anyone can take a look / No secrets here, to hide / This is just me / Holidays that to identify songs on the go . Lyrics to 'Open Book' by Mikey McCleary Feat. I Guess My Life's Open Book, Anyone Can Take A Look, / No Secrets Here To Top Songs By Mikey Mccleary. Mauli Dave. reffirodonverm.tk You can find the song on YouTube. Lyrics I guess my life's an open book Anyone can take a look No.

I Guess My Lifes An Open Book Vodafone Song

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lyrics – I guess my life`s an open book.. anyone can take a look. with no The latest commercial advert from Vodafone has certainly caught my. Mauli Dave: I guess my life's open book, Anyone can take a look, No secrets Mauli Dave: It is TV Ad song from TV Dinners album by Mikey McCleary sung by . Mikey McCleary Open Book feat Mauli Dave ft Mauli, Mikey McCleary Vodafone Network - Trip new TVC i guess my lifes an open book vodafone song.

Later on, we booked our flights and had a look at the hotels, too. As if destiny wanted it that way, the easiest and cheapest way from Paris back home was through Berlin for me, so hell yes, we did book the flights there with no tickets for the show in our hands. Everyone else is looking for them, and we are the last ones in the row because we already have two. I did put all my energy into not checking out the setlist of the UK gigs, but well, when Laeti forwarded a picture to me, I gave in.

How cool will it be to hear the new album live for the first time, though? Como estas amigo? After all this time! I threw my luggage and coat and basically my whole existence on the airport floor the second I saw Laeti, then I run her way, and jumped on her with my glasses flying off my head and nearly breaking. Everyone around witnessing this situation probably though we were both crazy. Oh my god. Hola diary! We saw Kylie tonight!!! How many times am I gonna say it? It was such an awesome day overall, walking through Barcelona, windy, yet covered in warm sun spreading the positive energy all around, as if the city itself knew we were about to have the best time ever.

For once, we actually managed to do some sightseeing, or at least if seeing the beach can be classified as a tourist activity. Everything was great.

Around 5pm, we went back to our hotel room and sparkled up our looks, added some golden touch, you know, all the typical Kylie stuff… and then went to join the queue. It would be our first Kylie show out of the front row. We were super excited about the size of the venue. Not only it was small, super intimate but also super cute! We stayed in the last row possible, leaving only VIP section of meet and greets behind us, and people standing in front of me were practically lying on me, which was pretty annoying.

Kylie opened the show with album title song, Golden, which is also rumoured to be the third single, and we all nearly went through the roof!

All of the annoying stuff was forgotten, in fact there was nothing in the world we would have minded at the moment.

Vodafone India’s #MadeFor Sharing TVC Spikes Up On YouTube, 460K+ Views In 12 Days

By Raining Glitter, no one in the room stood still, and it really was raining glitter from the ceiling! When it came to the classics, the whole crowd went from crazy to emotional. No words. What a Queen!

Carnie Wilson of Love Bites

A song that got me the most must have been The One. She started slowly, sounding like the Abbey Road version, and went into silence after the first verse.

People started clapping and cheering, but dedicated fans like us guessed it would not be the end. And we were right!

After a second of silence and a cheeky smile of Kylie, the most perfect electro version of the song nearly broke the room.

Everyone danced like crazy and me and Laeti looked at each other, both crying like 12 years old fangirls seeing their idol for the first time.

Another song that really caught my attention was Radio On. And what a beautiful one. It truly was an experience to hear this one live for the first time.

All these feelings caused by these two in a row! Just WOW.

Vodafone i guess my life video & mp3 songs.

Obviously, we ran straight to the merch stand right after the show and bought our Kylie tees, which we are gonna live in during the next weeks, and when we got to our hotel room and I took my outfit off, about ten golden confetti papers fell off it on the carpet.

Both me and Laeti started laughing It was a great night. What a comeback to the tour life. I already hate tomorrow, because guess what?

Have we helped today?

We are NOT seeing Kylie. March 1 7th, 2K18 Bonjour diary! It must be the kangover mixed up with a Kylie high for another show at the same time. Shock to the system, after nice 20 degrees in Spain. But guess what. We are seeing Kylie tomorrow! Bonjour diary! Unlike in Barci, we had to go and collect our tickets at the box office before the beginning of the show.

It opened at 3pm, and so we woke up, got ready, and went straight there.

We were definitely in for a funny afternoon. However, it was freezing, and just disgusting, and more importantly the pub was closed. I kept on persuading everyone attending that our love for Kylie would warm us up from the inside, but even my dedication vanished after a couple of minutes, and so we picked up the tickets and ran into the nearest coffee shop. It was already full of other Kylie fans, warming themselves up.

To my excitement, we bumped into Chez, the Timebomb guy, on our way out. We actually literally met at the toilets, but if someone asks, we deny it and pretend it was a place way fancier than that, so shhh.

Anyway, I dearly welcomed someone speaking english in our group and along with other friends, we went back to the line, even though there was not much of a point again. About a hundred early entries would be in front of us. A fun afternoon indeed. Mikey Mccleary. Mauli Dave , views. Anushka Manchanda , views. Open book- Mikey Mccleary Ukulele cover views.

The Little Things You Do. Mikey McCleary Feat.

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I Don't Do Love Anymore. Jeene Mein Aye Maza.

Chase Every Dream. The World Is Our Playground.

Open Book. Four More Shots Please!

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