Every April, when the wind smells of both the sea and lilacs, Landon Carter remembers , his last year at Beaufort High. The inspiration for this novel came from Nicholas Sparks's sister: her life and her courage. From the internationally bestselling author Nicholas Sparks. First eBook Edition: October ISBN: Book design by Giorgetta Bell Also by Nicholas Sparks. The Notebook. Message in a Bottle. Read "A Walk to Remember" by Nicholas Sparks available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. The heartbreaking story of.

Ebook A Walk To Remember By Nicholas Spark

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Editorial Reviews. reffirodonverm.tk Review. In the prologue to his latest novel, Nicholas Sparks A Walk to Remember - site edition by Nicholas Sparks. Editorial Reviews. reffirodonverm.tk Review. In the prologue to his latest novel, Nicholas Sparks site Store · site eBooks · Literature & Fiction. Cập nhật: + Link download: ePub site Mobi/PRC PDF A4 A4 PDF A5 A5 PDF A6 A6 - xem thông tin ebook. Click vào đây để đọc.

After that, they go to the docks. Jamie tells Landon about how she experiences belief and how it's like the wind.

It is then that he tells her he might want to kiss her now. On another date, where Jamie is very silent and unfocused, Landon asks Jamie what her plans for the future are. She then confesses she isn't making any because she has leukemia and hasn't been responding to treatment.

A desperate Landon asks for his father's help in curing her, but is disappointed by his reply and heads on a long drive home thinking about Jamie. One by one, his friends become aware of the tragedy looming for Jamie and Landon.

They give their support to him. Jamie's condition grows worse and she gets sent to the hospital. Still in hospital, Jamie gives Landon a book that once belonged to her mother.

She states that maybe God sent Landon to her to help her through the rough times and that Landon is her angel. Unbeknownst to Landon, Jamie is given private home care by Landon's estranged father relieving her father's financial burden.

Landon visits his dad, tearfully thanking him for his help. They embrace and are reunited.

A Walk to Remember

Landon is building a telescope for Jamie to be able to see a one-time comet in the springtime. Jamie's father helps him get it finished in time.

The telescope is brought to her on the balcony.

She gets a beautiful view of the comet through the new telescope. It is then that Landon asks her to marry him. Jamie tearfully accepts, and they get married in the church in which her deceased mother got married. Jamie and Landon spend their last summer together, filled with a deep love like no other.

Jamie dies when summer ends. Four years later, Landon has finished college and been accepted into medical school. Landon apologizes to the Reverend that Jamie did not witness a miracle an ambition she expressed in the class yearbook.

The Reverend disagrees saying that in fact she did and that her miracle was Landon. He is shown to have completely changed his original opinion of Landon in the beginning of the film, where he completely detested Landon and did not hide it. So what was I to do?

I opted for the only solution, the solution that best described the feeling I had about my gravely ill sister at that point: namely, that I hoped she would live. I wanted readers to finish with the hope that Jamie lived. If you wanted Jamie to live, she lived. If you knew that Jamie would die, she died. At least, I hoped so.

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What was the inspiration for this novel? My sister.

Was this a real experience for you or was the story made-up? The majority of the story was made-up, though certain parts did have their basis in reality. Are you from Beaufort, North Carolina?

Editorial Reviews

I live near there. Did you have the title of the book before you wrote it, or did the title come from the book? It came from the book.

As soon as I wrote those words, I knew that was the title. A close reading of the story will answer that question, but the answer is largely two-fold. Is there any parallel between Landon and something in your own life?

Landon is a typical teenage boy, and at one time, I was one of those as well, so I could relate to what he was thinking.

But the funny thing is, despite what people read in the newspapers, I think most teenagers have pretty good hearts. Did Landon become a minister?

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I never answered that directly, but I thought he did.Hated it. I wouldn't recommend it necessarily to anyone, but I also wouldn't suggest to someone that they shouldn't read it. I will absolutely be reading A Walk To Remember again. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and felt the emotions as the characters were going through them. A Fireside Novel. And it was in a way, but the characters were great and so the journey was great.