Sign In to follow. Follow Dream Chronicles: The Book of Fire, and we'll let you know when we have any news, trailers, or screenshots. Dream Chronicles: The Book of Fire is a Puzzle game, developed and published by PlayFirst, which was cancelled before it was released. The epic Dream Chronicles saga continues in PlayFirst's award-winning adventure series. The epic adventure continues in the next installment of. The clockmaker wants the last page of the Book of Fire. So WHEN are they coming out with Dream Chronicles: The Book of Fire???.

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Dream Chronicles: The Book of Fire is a canceled game and the designed 6th and final installment of the series. It was originally supposed to be released in late. Metacritic Game Reviews, Dream Chronicles: The Book of Fire for PC, Current PC Games · Full List». By Metascore; By user score. Dream Chronicles is a franchise centered on a series of adventure, hidden object and puzzle . Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air, Dream Chronicles: The Book of Water and Dream Chronicles: The The Clockmaker tells Lyra that the final figurine is in the Herbalist backyard in exchange of the last page of the Book of Fire.

Lilith believes that her marriage to Fidget will strengthen her powers as the Fairy Queen of Dreams. But since Fidget married Faye, Lilith has started hatching an evil plan to make sure that Fidget is only for her own. Even being so confused, Faye has to believe what her husband has said as she discovers a human-talking carnivorous plant named Herbert; according to Fidget, is his mother's best friend.

Leaving the comfort of in-law's family and her hometown Village of Wish, Faye ventures outside on the lonely quest to save her husband but she quickly gets lost when moon rises. Luckily, a sign shows her directly to Lilith's mansion, where Faye thinks Lilith is keeping her husband.

She finally finds and reunites with Fidget momentarily. Unfortunately, as Lilith appears, she separates the couple the second time, brings Fidget with her and casts another sleep spell upon Faye. Lilith, having abducted Fidget again, sends Faye to a forgotten fairy prison where no mortal has ever escaped from. Waking up from Lilith's dream spell again, Faye is helped by Aeval - the Fairy Queen of Flora, Faye's mother-in-law - who manages to send a diary and helps Faye find way out.

Escaping from the prison rooms, Faye explores the Ancients' Place, the fairy's birthplace, where they used to live for a long time ago.

She also has to start facing many obstacles arranged by Lilith as she wants to prevent Faye directly from ruining her almost perfect plans.

Looking at the nearest crystal ball, Aeval informs Faye that Lyra is no longer sleeping in her bed, and it is assumed that Lilith has taken her hostage. Aeval also tells Faye to hurry, as Fidget's hope of being rescued is fading, and he may succumb to marrying Lilith.

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Faye needs to meet and ask for help of an old Aeval's friend names Merrow, an inventor who lives in the Mortal Realm. Arriving at Merrow's cottage, Faye actually finds him as a human-talking plant at his secret lab.

Merrow agrees to take Faye to the Tower of Dreams where, according to him, Fidget and Lyra are being kept hostage by Lilith. Beside the Tower has a strange tree but Merrow declares that "it's not important", Faye skips it and enters the enormous tower, thing that no mortal have done before. She enters without Merrow's help as he can't enter.

Reaching the sixth and top floor, Faye founds a bed there, reminding her much of the bedroom in home. Bearing enough nightmares since husband was abducted, Faye just wants to have a nap.

But as soon as she touches the bed, Aeval tells Faye that Merrow is a traitor and she must escape from the tower. Faye jumps out of the tower window and is caught by Aeval's vines.

Dream Chronicles

Aeval then leads Faye to the Eternal Tree, that tree she skipped before, where Fidget and Lyra are thought to be being held underneath. Faye enters the tree and finds a sleeping Fidget and Lyra's favourite teddy bear. Aeval tells Faye to find a root potion from the Eternal Maze that will awaken Fidget. After Faye emerges from the Eternal Maze with the potion, the teddy bear vanishes. Faye gives the potion to Fidget, and they are finally reunited, but they must now find their missing daughter.

Faye is living in a tree house as Brenna, having lost all her memories of the previous adventures.

Images of a strange man, a little girl and an evil woman often appear in dreams and frustrate Brenna as well. One day, waking up from a dream like this, Brenna suddenly finds a crystal ball, in which a man - just like in her dreams - appears to urge her to find a girl named Lyra. Bewildered and confused, Brenna still listens to the strange man's tips as she says she can trust him. Brenna is led to a strange house owned by a herbalist through a magical nexus gateway.

After concocting a memory recovery potion, Brenna finally remembers everything: herself Faye, her husband Fidget, her missing daughter Lyra, and her rival Lilith, the Fairy Queen of Dreams. Faye quickly goes on her way to rescue her daughter, following clues left to her by an unknown.

Now she knows that Lilith is hiding in her retreat beneath the sea. As Faye feels closer to Lyra, she knows that she must continue on.

After going under the sea, traveling through many strange rooms and two labyrinths, Faye arrives at Lilith's retreat and meets her. Faye demands to know where Lyra is. Lilith calmly tells Faye that the Dream Librarian has abducted Lyra, believing her to be the Chosen Child of prophecy.

This prophecy states that a half-fairy, half-mortal child will replace the missing Fairy Lord. Lilith reveals that she has been the one guiding Faye all along and that she refuses to accept Lyra as her Fairy Lord.

Suddenly, strangely, Lilith offers to help Faye bring Lyra back. Aware that Lilith has her own "selfish interests at heart," Faye still accepts her help. Faye's family is finally reunited. A new life has already opened for them. Faye says these fairy adventures will haunt her dreams forever.

One thing she didn't know is that Lilith was pregnant. And no one knows exactly what Lilith is up to. The day before her 18th birthday, Lyra, Faye and Fidget's daughter, a half-mortal, half-fairy girl, has a strange dream. All her friends and family are present and her grandfather Tangle says he has an amazing gift.

But then Lyra hears a whisper and everyone disappears. Lyra stays alone in her beloved town of Wish, trapped in a parallel dimension which is very similar to her own. Guided by the messages left by Tangle and using her father's airship, Lyra tries to find the Clockmaker, the only person who can help Lyra get back home and reunite with her family and friends.

She finally finds the Clockmaker in his hideout, and thankfully he agrees to help her. On arriving in the Wind Music Island, Lyra is notified that the music eons in this island was once created by fairies who used to live there. Lyra finds her grandfather's notified note confusing but she gradually believes what is happening with her is touched by fairies' hands: the magical chalkboard, the hidden airship, the strange whisper After finding all 3 keys, Lyra backs to the Clockmaker's house to finish her mission there and can finally head back to her original dimension with so much questions that are yet to be answered.

But instead of welcoming Lyra with sunshine, the Village of Wish becomes dark and full of thunders.

Lyra wonders what will be waiting her next. When Lyra arrives at the Village of Wish, the huge storm makes her airship crash at the Wish Town gate. Lyra finds a note which tells that Lilith has cast a storm spell over the entire Village, and everyone left except for Fidget, who is very ill.

Lyra arrives home to see that the Founder of Wish statue has changed to a woman figure and Fidget is in deep sleep, ill. She finds a note of Faye's handwriting telling that Lilith went there looking for a book called the Book of Water.

Lilith found the truth out and cast the spell that changed Fidget's life into a terrible storm. Fairies can't kill but Lilith's son, Kenrick is a half-fairy, like Lyra, destroyed Tangle. Lyra goes to the herbalist, to make a potion to save Fidget and returns to Wish. But the potion makes Fidget's illness get worse. Now the only chance to save him is to break Lilith's spell. Lyra goes to the Barge City and finds the Book of Water, which tells that the only way to break the spell is to find the seven magic figurines and put them in the seven caves of the Crater of Time.

Then, she must collect seven magic symbols and place them on the center of the Power of Spell. But the three of the figurines have been destroyed during a human Great War, and Lyra discovers that other four figurines have been taken by Faye. Lyra goes to find the four figurines in different places; the Barge City, the Obelisk and the Merrow House.

The Clockmaker tells Lyra that the final figurine is in the Herbalist backyard in exchange of the last page of the Book of Fire. Lyra finds all of them, takes the seven magic symbols and places them at Lilith's statue at Wish.

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With the storm gone, Fidget recovers but Faye doesn't came back. Characters[ edit ] The first four people listed below are the main characters, the rest are recurring characters. In the Dream Chronicles series, characters normally appear in cut-scenes, but there are some exceptions: Fidget appears in person in the last scene of both Dream Chronicles and Dream Chronicles 2, and Lilith appears in the 24th scene of The Chosen Child.

Faye is a mortal woman who is the main protagonist of the first Faye's Journey trilogy. Waking up from a dream, Faye realizes everyone in Village of Wish is falling into a magical sleep spell and her family has already vanished. Faye embarks on a dangerously lonely quest to rescue her husband Fidget, her daughter Lyra and can finally save them.

On the quest, Faye explores many secrets about her in-law family: their identities, their fairy roots and a lots of Dream Realm's mysteries. According to her husband, Faye is a smart and strong and persistent woman, who never gives up hopes and always tries hard to get her family back to their old peaceful days.

Though being the main character, Faye hasn't appeared yet in person because you play as her point of view. She is briefly seen sitting in the gondola in The Chosen Child. She is the main antagonist of the first Faye's Journey trilogy. Lilith was betrothed to Fidget before he married Faye and is determined to claim Fidget as her husband. She repeatedly abducts Fidget, as she believes marrying him will make her powers stronger.

Lilith also casts an enchanting sleep spell on everyone in Village of Wish to make sure that her plans go smooth and no one can disturb her bringing Fidget back to the Land of Fairies forever. She first appears only in cut-scenes.

Lilith finally appears in person in The Chosen Child to reveal Lyra's fate with Faye and seems like she's hatching other evil plans in the future. Fidget is the beloved teacher in the Village of Wish and the son of parents highly placed in the fairy world. His parents broke from fairy tradition and married out of love. Everything you pick up in this game is used, whether to solve puzzles, to manipulate your surroundings, or to power the Dream Jewels that you need to complete the quest.

As with other games in the series you will be finding both Dream Jewels and Dream Pieces. Collect enough pieces to power a jewel and you can use their unique abilities to further manipulate the dream-like world around you. There is only one mode of gameplay this time around, and the makers have included the blessed relief of both a hint generator which helps you keep track of your quests and goals and a hidden object hint finder which refills slowly.

Anyone who was stuck in Dream Chronicles 2: The Eternal Maze searching for that last tiny scrap of music score or piece of the chess set will appreciate this the most.

Much of the fun in Dream Chronicles: The Book of Water is revisiting many locations that will be very familiar to those who have played the previous games. Places and people from all four games show up either directly or indirectly, setting up for what promises to be the final blowout between Lyra's family and the evil Lilith and son in the upcoming sixth game.

For those who have enjoyed the series it is a nostalgic look back "Hey, I remember this place! What is Lilith up to? Is she really behind all of the mayhem?

Dream Chronicles Series for PC, Mac and Nintendo DS

Where does the Dream Librarian fit into all of this? The Book of Water doesn't answer many of these, but whets our appetite with the promise of answers to come. Analysis: Being a strong fan of the series myself, I can already see the controversy brewing.

On one side will be those happy to embrace the nostalgia of visiting the town of Wish game 1 and 4 , Meerow's house game 2 , the herbalist's place game 3 , the Clockmaker game 4 as well as the new locations. After having been disappeared for 10 years, Lilith returned to look for a magic item called "The Book of Water". Fidget managed to send it away to the Barge City, while her fairy grandfather Tangle was distracting them.

To punish Fidget, Lilith cast a spell funneling his life essence into the Eternal Storm, which forced Faye to travel to the Herbalist's House to find a magical cure potion for him. Although fairies cannot kill, Kenrick is half-fairy half-mortal like Lyra.

Desperate and angry, Lyra tries to find a cure for her father only to make the situation worse. At the last attempt, Lyra travels to the Barge City in hoping of finding the missing mother, a cure for father, and a way to keep "The Book of Water" from falling into Lilith's hands. After traveling to the Barge City, retrieving and using the Book of Water, Lyra learns that the Eternal Storm spell can be stopped by the seven magic signs of the Crater of Time. She can find the seven signs inside the seven caves of the Crater, only if she have the seven corresponding mystic figurines.

Three of these figurines are no longer missing as Faye has forged replacements for them, then The Book of Water reveals the locations of other four figurines for Lyra. The first figurine is in the water at the center of Barge City, Lyra must use a magic fishing pole to fish it out. The second figurine is hidden inside the Obelisk, behind some cryptic symbols that Lyra must decipher.

The third figurine was taken long ago by a fairy named Merrow, and he locked it up in his magical gramophone. And only the Clockmaker knows where the fourth figurine is, he might share that secret for the right price. The last, unicorn figurine is buried in the field next to the Herbalist's House. Lyra enters the field and digs to find a chest. After retrieving all of seven magic signs in the Crater of Time, Lyra returns to Wish to place them on the Lilith's statue, and banishes the thunder and lightning.

In the bonus chapter, players play as Faye in the prequel to Lyra's journey in The Book of Water to find out what happened just moments before Lyra's story began.

Faye hears Lilith's awful voice once again, then day instantly turns into night.

Dream Chronicles: The Book of Fire – Release Details

She feels unconscious, and has a nightmare of Lilith and Kenrick. Faye break free from the dream, as she did 10 years before, but cannot wake her husband Fidget. Lilith is after them again, and Faye has to find out the reason why. With the help of the plants, Faye's mother-in-law Aeval guides her to the Herbalist's House to make a cure potion for Fidget.You can send me a request, by using the form here. In gratitude, Aeval gave him the ability to communicate with plants.

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There are many notable locations in the series: Fidget managed to send it away to the Barge City, while her fairy grandfather Tangle was distracting them. Very upset. The Mortal Maze: This is the underground tunnel that leads from the fairy realm to the mortal realm.

The epic Dream Chronicles saga continues in PlayFirst's adventure series.