Receive the COMPLETE Wine Guide in your inbox. Learn wine terms, how to taste, food pairing tips, and much more. Additionally, you will receive perks and promotions for Wine Folly and partner products (offers, giveaways, etc). A pragmatic guide to intelligent wine downloading. Edition: Concise wine notes designed for quick reference; including useful tips, insights, facts, and links. Wine Basics: A section for beginners on the major differences between storing and serving red and white wines. wines must append the fruit type to the label can affect red and white wines somewhat Wine Folly's books are world-renowned wine learning tools.

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Free PDF Wine Folly The Essential Guide to Wine The best introductory book on wine to come along in years” (The Washington. Post) from the creators of the. The best introductory book on wine to come along in years” (The Washington Post) from the creators of the award-winning Red or white?. learning about wine. Now in a new, expanded hardcover edition, Wine Folly: Magnum Edition is the perfect guide for anyone look Downloading Books. +2.

Shelves: nonfiction The Essential Guide to Wine is one of the best beginner's guides I've encountered in any genre, period.

It's organized logically. Readers are first introduced to the fundamentals of wine - the characteristics of taste and smell, how those characteristics organize wines into broad styles Light White, Light Red, and so on , and how those styles pair with food.

The voice and tone of the book is exceptional. The language is information dense while remaining straightforward and fun. It doesn't take it The Essential Guide to Wine is one of the best beginner's guides I've encountered in any genre, period.

It doesn't take itself too seriously - a common trap when writing about wine. Only after we understand the fundamentals of wine are we introduced to the individual varieties within each style.

Pinot Noir and Gamay are both "Light Reds". How are they similar? How are they different?

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The visualizations are exceptional. Infographics, graphs, charts, and illustrations make concepts easy to understand and remember. Edward Tufte would be proud. This guide gave me the mental framework I needed to understand wine and make it a fun hobby.

2014 Wine downloading Guide (pdf)

Love, love, love. Detailed taste profiles of popular and under-the-radar wines. A guide to pairing food and wine.

A wine-region section with detailed maps. Practical tips and tricks for serving wine.

Methods for tasting wine and identifying flavors. Packed with information and encouragement, "Wine Folly: The Essential Guide to Wine"will empower your decision-making with practical knowledge and give you confidence at the table.

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Views Total views.SlideShare Explore Search You. The visualizations are exceptional. The Essential Guide to Wine"will help you make sense of it all in a unique infographic wine book.

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