It was simple for the big boys in the drug trade to keep clear, and there were always plenty of smaller fry to take their chances on the dangerous parts - especially. Clancy, Tom - Jack Ryan 04 - Clear and Present Danger · Read more Clancy, Tom - Jack Ryan 06 - Clear & Present Danger · Read more. Clancy, Tom - Jack Ryan 04 - Clear and Present Danger Read more · Clancy , Tom - Jack Ryan 06 - Clear & Present Danger · Read more.

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PDF - Clear and Present Danger. Review CIA man Jack Ryan, hero of Patriot Games, finds that he will probably never have a boring summer: The. Editorial Reviews. Review. At the end of the prologue to Clear and Present Danger, Clancy writes, "And so began something that had not quite. Get Instant Access to Clear And Present Danger By Tom Clancy #26dee EBOOK EPUB site. PDF. Read Download Online Clear And.

I can guess. Someone has been talking to the drug police. Felix Cortez: Now that's impossible.

If anyone spoke to the police, I would be the first to know. The President: So go down there, establish it.

PDF - Clear and Present Danger

Jack Ryan: Go down where? The President: Colombia. Jack Ryan: Who, me? Felix Cortez: [an attack has occurred on the American delegation, secretly ordered by Escobedo's intelligence man Cortez] You don't want to hear an answer.

Ernesto Escobedo: Yes I do. Felix Cortez: It was done to look like you did it It's always a friend who hates you most. You lived a long time. You had a family that loved you.

You had a job that you thought made a difference, that you thought was honorable. And then you see this. Admiral Greer: You took an oath, if you recall, when you first came to work for me. You gave your word to his boss: you gave your word to the people of the United States.

Your word is who you are. Ritter: Jack, computer theft is a serious crime. Jack Ryan: You're going to jail, pal!

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Ritter: [seeing Ryan holding a piece of paper] What is that? What is it you think you have there? Jack Ryan: You broke the law. Ritter: You are such a Boy Scout! You see everything in black and white!

Jack Ryan: No, no, no! Not black and white Ritter, right and wrong! You went before Congress and you got the money for it! Jack Ryan: Who authorized this?

Clear and Present Danger (Jack Ryan)

Ritter: I'm sure they'll ask you that. Jack Ryan: Who authorized it?

Ritter: I have no recollection, Senator. Jack Ryan: I'm here to rent the Huey. Helicopter owner: We don't rent it anymore, but it is for sale.

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Clear and Present Danger (film)

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This page was last edited on 3 January , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Mass market paperback cover. Putnam's Sons.Jack Ryan: How dare you come in here and lecture me! Jack Ryan: Uh, my pilot and I will have to take it for a test drive. Cortez is later returned to Cuba , where he is branded as a traitor by his former colleagues.

Assigned to the Pirates Case involving the two Hispanic men who killed the American businessman and his family in a yacht in the Caribbean Sea.

So when he finds out that someone very important to him is working on a US container ship in the treacherous Scott Mariani